All stuff used from MES_Falling 4 You
(except the bucket, tap and sap drip were made by me)

My journaling.....

How do I even begin? During the Sapping Season of 2009 there was a photo contest in town - a few people encouraged me to enter - so I said “What they heck, why not?!” I had a TON of fun taking pictures of Trevor and Kaylee outside doing all sorts of things related to sapping -
including catching fresh sap out of the tap as it fell onto their tongue. I was able to get a whole ton of fun shots (and even managed to win the photo contest with one of Kaylee and her tongue hanging out with the lake reflecting off of the drop of sap just as it was about to drip off....) Unfortunately...all of the original photos that I took that day are now gone... thanks to an unfortunate event involving the crashing of my external hard drive! I know I will never be able to replace these photos - and many others that I lost....but I will always have the memory of that day - and hopefully we’ll be able to take new pictures in 2010.