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      I have never thought  i would be one of those people who would wear glasses, but if i did of course i would wear contacts. One night i was sitting  at home playing games with  my husband, i turned to check the time when i realized i couldn't read the clock across the room on the microwave. I had also been getting headaches as i watched TV or spent to much time on my computer. I decided i better get my eyes checked. I got into the eye doctor as soon as i was able.  I found out i had astigmatisms in each eye. They asked if i wanted to try contacts.  Of course i do! Glasses would be a pain in the butt between my  kids and crossfit. They only had my prescription in the cheaper brand contacts.   It took me 3 times  longer to get the dumb things in my eyes then it should.  It took me forever just to work up the courage to try, apparently i have small eyes. Which leads me to my current dilemma. I’m on my 3rd set of tester contacts and I've been to  afraid to try again to put them in.  Glasses have been easier then getting contacts in, and i fear having to get them out on my own once i get them in.