Credits:   Be (Silly.Epic.Kind) by Amy Stofel, Every Picture have its story by Clever Monkey Graphics


Journaling reads:

More than a hero, my mother is a warrior.   When at the young age of 28 you loose everything: your husband, your son and your health… it takes a whole lot of DETERMINATION to keep fighting.   Falling 75 feet high in a car, 3 months in coma, 11 months in bed, 2 and half years in a wheel chair, 18 months in croutches, 13 surgeries… a miracle!     The reason why: a 2 year old girl that today is making an acknowledgment of her BRAVERY and her amazing skills as a mother.    Every time I feel like quitting… I remember that she defied all the odds and medical prognosis… she is alive, she walks, she dances, she jokes, she is my inspiration… SHE IS MY HERO.