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     I met Joe about 22 years ago on the internet, before it was “cool” Our relationship blossomed over time, despite the 2500 miles between us. Thirteen years my junior and never married, he took a leap of faith the day he proposed, for it was not only me, but two young children for which he was accepting responsibility.

     His first sacrifice was leaving his family behind, choosing to live here in Ohio rather than Ca. We were now his family and first responsibility. His dedication to us has never faltered.

     His determination to be a good “daddy” and husband has never once failed. He loved my children as if they were his own, guiding and teaching them with wisdom. He was always willing to carry the pink parasols of a young girl; to walk with them right up to the rails at the Grand Canyon; enjoy hot air balloons or coaster rides...when I could not take them because of my own fears. 

    Though he himself was afraid of dogs, he conquered this fear, finding the courage to accompany me  in with a pack of wolves, raising a coyote, and sharing our home with many rescued dogs.  

     Over the past 7 years,  he has shown conviction in his vows… “in sickness and in health” as our family found themselves dealing with my health issues.

     Joe is not only my hero, but a hero to my girls. When I shared this challenge with Chrissy, without any hesitation, she told me daddy was her hero, too. There was no doubt in her mind (or mine) who I would choose as my hero. Better yet, our hero.