This Can't Be Happening from Created by Jill

From My Window from Created by Jill (wire & white flower center recolored)

Freaky Deaky from Created by Jill (gray mum)

Hello There! Vellum Alpha from Created by Jill (recolored)

County Fair: Carnival from Ponytails (berry branch)

When Skies Are Gray from Ponytails (yellow flower and yellow paper)

Spring Fling Vol 2 template from Ponytails Designs - coming soon

Journaling reads: 

I never had a hero in my life. I never had an adult that I could look up to, a protector, someone who I could trust to look out for my best interests. I grew up mocking those who had heroes, after all, in my world, heroes did not exist, they were mythical creatures, existing only in books and on television. Flash forward 50 years...I have discovered that heroes really do exist. My husband is my hero. He has stood up for me, protecting me from those who would and have done me harm. He will let no one disrespect me and would certainly let no one do me any physical harm. He has called out those who were responsible for the harm done to me as a child and held them accountable for their actions or lack thereof. The first time this happened, I burst into tears and he thought that I was upset that he had spoken to them thusly, but I quickly reassured him that I was crying because no one had ever stood up for me before and I was moved that he had done so. I know that no matter what happens in the future, he has my back and that to me is heroic.