HERO:  a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble.


Journaling:  Who is your hero?  To some it may be a police officer, fire fighter, maybe a teacher or a superstar.  These may all be heroes, but my heroes are extra special to me.  My late Father in law, my daddy, my brother, my husband, four brothers in law (one not pictured) and my son.  When they signed up for the military they signed a blank check for our country, our freedom and our lives.  These men, three generations of them, are true heroes!!!


credits: Independently Proud {full kit} by Little Rad Trio; Tis Of Thee collaboration by Kathy Winters Designs and Luv Ewe Designs; Remember Their Sacrifice by Kathy Winters Designs and Shake It by LissyKay Designs