Sometimes she licks her own hand….just to see what it tastes like.She wouldn’t be afraid to show her serious side….if she had one.Her personality is so magnetic; she isn’t allowed to carry credit cards.She once had an awkward moment, just to see how it felt.She can almost hula for 2.5 seconds.Her laugh is highly contagious, just as much as her smileShe has so much silliness; it cannot be contained and must be shared with the world!Time waits….. For her.. She once said, “Okay, Mommy” just to see what it felt like not saying “No”.She doesn’t always drink carbonated beverages, but when she does, she prefers Dr. Pepper (just like her mommy).She is like a fish in the water, can’t get enough of it She strikes a pose with the best of them. The only kid to eat double fisted! And truly the only child to ask Santa for a HAM, YES...a HAM for Christmas! She is…..the most Interesting Girl in the World.
Well Little Miss Doodle, you are one of a kind. I don’t know how many times I have said that. “There is only one Asia in this world.” It is true. I know you can do whatever you want in this life. You are smart, funny, generous, kind, and loyal. All things which will take you far in life. There is no one sweeter and more loving. I should count the number of “I love you’s” that you give me each day. And you are a hugger! A really good hugger. Genuine. I could go on and on. Actions do speak louder than words though. You are a great little sister. Just the other day I overheard you tell Kai out of the blue that you loved him. And later you told me how much you loved Bianca. And of course, your siblings show love differently than you do….but those two love you to the moon and back...I love you my silly Doodle.. I seriously do!

Amanda Yi and Traci Reed:
Like A Boss

Heather Joyce:
The Mrs. Roberts