JOURNALING: At the 2009 U.S. National Figure Skating Championships, I picked out a novice skater as my "next star," even before seeing him skate. He was barely 14, but I liked his bio in the scorebook and his picture (loved the ponytail). I thought he had "promise." I was lucky. Jason Brown won the bronze medal that year. When I learned the Rohene Ward, a wonderfully flexible, beautiful skater I'd seen compete at Nationals several times, was his choreographer, I couldn't imagine a more perfect fit for the style of skater Jason is. At the 2014 Nationals, Jason wowed the crowd with his Ward-choreographed long program to "Reel Around the Sun." The audience was on its feet giving him a well-deserved standing ovation even before he was finished skating. He won the long program, took home the silver medal, and earned a trip to his first Olympic Games. Promise Fulfilled. UNDER PICTURES: Jason in 2009; Rohene Ward; Jason in 2014 CREDITS: Attic Antiquities by Irene Alexeeva; March and June Scraps by Kathryn Estry; That Girl's Got Spunk by Melanie Chynoweth  FONT: Janda Elegant Handwriting. PHOTOS: Jason Brown photos by me; Rohene Ward photo from web