CS3 Extended
Fonts: Angelina and Bradley ITC

Tendresse by Bibouscrap
French Cuisine Autrefois by Cajoline
Sole Mio Digiscrapbooking.ch designers, Pat, Franco and Mimi
Funny Kitchen by Nanly
So Greedy by Chrisscrap
Delicious by Meledesigns
Forest Sleigh Rides by Angnesingap
Ensalada Picante by Creation French Girl
Hot and Spicy by Dikeledi
pic by Morgue Files

Journaling reads:

Spicy Italian sausages sizzlie in a skillet while
trays of meatballs bake in the oven.
Pungent garlic and sweet onions melt in a
pool of fruity olive oil.
Aromatic basil, oregano and bay leaves
marry in a thick red tomato sauce.
The heady aroma of rich spices, veal and
beef meld and waft from the kitchen.
The sauce simmers slowly and is tended
lovingly for hours.
Pasta warms your belly, the flavors carry you home.
And your heart is filled with mama's love.