make a wish, sahlin studios and valerie wibbins
enjoy the moment, sahlin studios
a story of friendship, sahlin studios
foam stamped alpha, sahlin studios
outlined alpha, sahlin studios

(My life's a jungle is the first phrase of the bottom line.)


My life is so ordinary. But special, busy and perfect. There are so many things in my life that make it crazy...and i love almost all of them.

1. my family (they make it all worthwhile) 2. troy (i couldn’t do it without him) 3. mikayla (the big boss) 4. emma (the little mother) 5. joe (the little gentleman) 6. josh (class clown) 7. becky (happy little spirit) 8. katie (diva in training) 9. scrapping (i’m addicted) 10. commuting and work (it just has to be done) 11. plays (worth it in the end) 12. hearing issues (a family legacy) 13. homework (always too much) 14. school (at least they all like it) 15. photography (my passion) 16. baseball (what was i thinking? ) 17. mischief (little imps) 18. scouts, young women and activity days (how do we do it all? ) 19. braces, retainers and head gear (expensive smiles) 20. piano lessons (music matters) 21. my friends (thank goodness for good friends) 22. laundry, dishes and housework (never ending) 23. dates (keeping it strong) 24. potty training (one more to go) 25. birthdays (someone is always having one) 26. their friends (good kids, everyone) 27. preschool (they love it) 28. shopping - groceries, clothing and furniture (i love it) 29. playdates (wish everyone would just live next door) 30. field trips (i’m the embarassing mom) 31. vacations (make them all count) 32. holidays (always fun)

my life’s a jungle. a party. a gift. a zoo. a celebration. a beach, a vacation. a garden. a joy. a dream. a blessing.a circus. my life is a journey.