background papers Krafty Papers by Sarah Bennett blended over Make me a Rainbow by Scrapmuss
Jungle alpha - dysfunctional design Knocked Down alpha
Manuela Zimmermann - call of the jungle
Manuela Zimmermann - man at work
Studio Tangie - splatter graffiti jungle
thaliris - Magical Harmony
MDesigns - games and stories

Every day this jungle of junk that I’m in overpowers me. My marriage is falling apart even though my husband swears it’s not. What does he know, he’s the reason it’s falling apart. He’s a hoarder, has a short temper and rather spend his money on more junk than pay a bill. But he’s the bread winner and I’m nothing. Yep I’m nothing, that what was ingrained in my mind from a child, so what do you want me to believe at 41 years old? My life is very lonely and depressing. I have no job, no way to support myself, so I’m trapped in an apartment I don’t want to be in and in a marriage that is loveless. We live above my mother, who is one of my abusers and she still verbally abuses me! My hobby is digital scrapping which is my only outlet from my reality. The main thing I do every day is care for my 2 year old son. We play a little, I teach him a little, watch Nick Jr. take naps together, we practice sign, cook dinner, wash laundry and give each other kisses a lot! If I’m lucky I talk to a friend or two on the phone, but most days it’s just me and my son. He is my shining star in this miserable life I have and I am determined to give him a better loving life to get him out of this jungle.