credits: Be Creative by Chriscrap and wordart is from Color My World by Wild Dandelions and font is MTF Wulan.

my journaling reads:

Aidan, you have grown up so quickly. When you were born 7 years ago, you were so tiny at just 4.9 lbs. I had to deliver you emergency c-section a month and a half early. You ended up having to stay in the NICU for a couple of weeks before we could bring you home and that was the hardest thing to leave you at night. You are my everything!!! Just watching you grow and develop and learn all these new things and go to pre-school and then on to elementary school it is just amazing. Then last night you decided to sit at the table without saying anything. I really didn’t know what you were doing. About an hour went by and you said you were making something for your brother Alex. Then daddy realized what you were doing and I heard him say “wow Aidan that is great!! “ I still didn’t have any idea and you didn’t want to show me for some reason. I happened to be walking by and you had been drawing a picture. I honestly did not know that you had such artistic talent. You had drawn a whole scene with Batman and Robin and you had created this all from memory. I was in absolute awe!! It was fantastic. When I see how far you have come from just little scribbles to drawing a gorgeous picture like this, it absolutely amazes me. I love you so much!!