B&W and Blue all over by Pretty in Green\

July 29th 2010
It was the first time we had lost power with the kids while we were home, the first time in a long time, I don’t recall it ever really being out the entire time I have been with cliff. Its amazing how much you can do when you don’t have anything to do. I was excited to light my decorative candles, even though it wasn’t completely dark out it was dark enough to me to light them. Gage kept going form room to room checking the light switches, saying oh no the powers off in my room too, Silly boy. So the fist thing that popped in my head to do was read, I tried to sit them down to read, I didn’t make it past one book, so we did gage’s new puzzle. It was getting darker so daddy the cleaver fisherman that he is, went and got his head lamp so we could see to put the puzzle together, then daddy put it on gage and that started a whole bunch of fun! Daddy went and got one for Ana to wear and it was like having to little cars driving around the house, it was a sight to see!