Kit: Lost at Sea Collab
Bottle (recolored), netting, and pointy leaves from Beachcombing by Clever Monkey Graphics
Fonts: Bekki's Marker (my own handwriting font)
Dear Husband, As you know, I'll do almost anything for a scrapbooking challenge. Some of things I've done have been completely ridiculous. This is one of those things. For this Survivor challenge layout, I'm being forced to write a letter to you under the guise of having been kidnapped by pirates. I'm not very good at pretending, and even though it was a choice to write a serious letter, that seemed just as far-fetched. So, I've made a nice page that looks like it's serious. No one really reads the journaling once the pages are printed anyway, so I'm good with it. I could have chosen a tv character or even a fictional character to rescue me, but the truth is, you are always ready for a crisis. So, if in fact I had been kidnapped by pirates, I would want you to be the one to rescue me (!). I also think you would be the most motivated to get me back, AND you would be the one that pirates wouldn't want to mess with, with all those beefy muscles of yours. As a bonus, when it's all done and the pirates have been defeated, you and I could stay on the ship and have that cruise that I've been wanting to take. Huh! Who said I wasn't good at pretending? -- Your adoring wife