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It seems apparent that our neighbors do not want my husband to park anywhere on our street, however the street is a public place & we can park there. 

Due to someones truck parked there prior & my husband when he saw figured out a plan in advance, knowing he'd find excuses to say he can't move his truck, when he has his own driveway to park in.

My husband Jack-Knifed the trcuk, & dropped the trailer & then locked the trailer & pulled the Bob-Tail portion of the truck into our driveway.

The sunny side of this, is my husband is an exellent driver & knows how to fit into tight spots.  I helped direct him, so as to be sure he wouldn't touch the other 4 Wheeler, though I do not believe my husband really needed my help, however this way he was sure to avoid hitting the vehicle in the process of fitting into a tight spot.

Another bright side to this is that I was able to acquire more pictures & scrap it & remember this story!!

~All is well that ends well.  Smile