Kit: Wife, MOther by Mel Hains
Branch: After Snowfall by Pretty in Green

There’s parts of me that I keep hidden from the world. It’s not something physical I keep hidden. Many can vouch for how that does not apply to me. But, there are emotional things that I’m known to hide. I hide, for the most part, my dealings with Trich, which is an OCD-type “ailment” that causes me to pull out my hair, literally. I always have my hair pulled up because I’m hiding those spots. I’m also hiding that I deal with bi-polar-like symptoms. That means that I have bi-polar, but for the most part, it’s under control, without the need of medication. I don’t truly believe that I have it, because of the fact that the cause of the emotional rollercoasters are almost always caused by the same thing. It always seems to be caused by something I did or didn’t eat that day. If I don’t snack through-out the day, instead of 3 big meals, I feel my body and emotions going out of control. That also triggers the Trich, making things in my world harder for me to deal with.
The mind is a mysterious thing, but the workings of the body in conjunction with it seems to be something I no longer have any control over, nor did I in the first place, I think!