Now I want you to pay attention and listen very carefully to what I am about to tell you. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST AS YOU ARE. Please learn this saying and keep it in your back pocket for whenever you are feeling a little down about yourself - "Why waste a second not loving who you are? Those little imperfections make you beautiful, lovable and valuable. They show your personality inside your heart, reflecting who you are." Natasha Bedingfield sings these lyrics in her song "Freckles" and my dear, I am going to play this song for you a lot to remind you that there is beauty in all of us and when the inner beauty shines through, that is when you are beautiful on the outside, too. A glamorous cover model can be an ugly person if all they have is airbrushed looks that are skin deep. If you don't believe me, think about the people that are the most attractive to you in your life and think about why you feel that way about them. Chances are it is because they are kind, thoughtful and caring.
You are perfect - everything about you.

Little Butterfly Wings: A Little Peculiar
Etc By Danyale and Studio Basic: Everyday Brave
Amy Wolff: Bittersweet