Love Bug by Dylabel Designs
Font-Pea Lauryn
“These two little babie are so lucky! Addalyn and Sydney were both born healthy on November 30, 2010. Their mommy Kira was not so lucky. She had severe eclampisa which had progressed to HELP Syndrome. Right after birth she experienced a few seizures and her kidneys and liver shut down. She was life-flighted to the University of Utah Hospital where she was immediately put in the ICU. Both babies stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Crook in a hotel close to the hospital so Wes could move back and forth between his wife and his babies. Mikayla stayed with us during this time. Kira’s life was seriously threatened for a while but after 10 days and a few rounds of dialysis, she started to turn around. She was finally able to see her babies and Mikayla. I took the opportunity to shoot photos o the babies at 6 days old since I knew Kira was missing out and would want some photos of her babies from those early days of life. It was a difficult time for everyone but thankfully Kira has recovered fully and she is able to take care of her three little girls. The babies are beautiful and we all know we have witnessed a miracle in Kira’s recovery. Only 1 in 10 women survive HELP Syndrome so we know how lucky she is to be alive. Addalyn, Sydney and Mikayla are so lucky to have their mom healthy again!”