Kit: MONTHLY MIX: A CHERRY ON TOP GingerBread Ladies Collab
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Trebuchet (rethink and journaling), Lubalin Graph Book (recreate), Travel Diary (recycle), Seagull BT (redo), Hello Big Sky (repurpose), KG All of Me (RESTORE), Loft Yian (your world)

I found myself on a plarn kick this week. I am guessing it was a crochet pattern I saw, although I cannot remember now, that got me motivated to get all of my plastic bags organized and made into plarn. For this basket, I repurposed an old phone cord (for tubing, which gives it shape and stability) as well as more than a dozen plastic bags made into plarn. I am using it to hold other plarn finished this week.

(on small red tag) Inspired by a Pinterest search for quotes about recycling plastic (for the 2017 Scrapping Survivor contest at Ginger Scraps).

Photo info: 3/10/17

Pinterest Inspiration
My inspiration came from a plaque I found on Pinterest with these words:
"Rethink, Recreate, Redo, Remix, Recycle, Repurpose, Restore your world"