Kit: Sprout (the March daily download of GottaPixel)
Mask and Paper Stacker by Brandy Murry
Shadows: Haynay Designs
Font: sf Andi 2 (free font)

Journalling reads:
I am definitely a dreamer. I dream all day and all night. Those dreams are not always good, happy or beautiful Sometimes they are just terrifying. When I wake up after a dream like that I am afraid to go back to sleep again. And then I lay in bed, focussing on happy things like the meetings I’ve had with my idols. Between 2007 and 2009 I’ve met the Backstreet Boys several times. They are very special to me because they have made me happy with their smiled and music when I felt sad since 1995. Then the rugby became a part of my life and I was lucky enough to meet some of my favourite players from both the Irish national team as well as Leinster. And let’s not forget Tommy Bowe, who haunts me in my dreams as well with with his beautiful smile and eyes. I hope that one day I’m lucky again and meet him too Smile