We’re all so ready to go. Have been for quite a while now. But the day has come. Literally. We leave tonight for Alabama, to pick up Nana & Grandaddy, then on Saturday it’s off to Orlando. With a quick stop off in Dothan so I can see my great friend, Tonya. We’ve been patient, but when it comes to Disney, none of us has much patience. We want to go & we want to go NOW. Last night I got so tickled at Nick. He made sure the boys were in the kitchen, looked at me, then started jumping up & down while saying “I wanna go & I wanna go NOW. Is it time to gooooo yet?!” To see Nick do this, wow. Shane, Sean & Justin had no idea what I was cracking up about. That’s not really something you can tell your kids you just saw their Daddy do. So we’re on our way tonight!! YAY!!!

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