ADSR 6 challenge7

2 Different Trees: tree with flowers is from Playday by Julie Bullock; green tree is from feelin happy by Julie Bullock
2 Different Types of Leaves: one set of leaves are by Harmony Star for her portion of the Apple Hill Collab; the other set of leaves are from sophistication by Donna Duncombe Digital Designs
2 Different Types of Flowers: both flowers are from Bring On The Sun by Designs by Ziska
2 Different Rocks: multirockpile with grass is from water getaway by Mandy Made; rockpile is from Gingerscraps Pet Shop for Wyld Web Designs portion
Fence: Hoppyeaster by Julie Bullock
Squirrel: Autumn Splendor by Bekah E Designs
Chipmunk: free clipart found on the web
Mushrooms: Aidan's Kit by HK Designs
Grass: Hoppyeaster by Julie Bullock
Butterfly: Playday by Julie Bullock
Bird: Hoppyeaster by Julie Bullock
Sun: Hearticious by Irene Alexeeva

Frame: In Symphony Charlize Creations
wordart: Kathy Winters Designs