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Cosita, you must have known how little I liked cats when we first met because you
did everyhing you could to win me over. You did not take “go away” for an answer
and you certainly were a persistent little bugger who meowed for my attention.
You continually rubbed up against my leg and begged for me to pet your head. I
lost the battle and gave in. You won me over and eventually became my work companion.
You spent many hours of the day with me rarely left my office when I was working
except to go eat or lay in the sun shiningthrough the windows. You followed me every-
where I went for a good portion of the day and meowed when you couldn’tfind me, especially
when I was pregnant with Gabe. You watched over me like an overprotective parent at times.
We were all very sad when you left us suddently shortly after Gabe was born. We miss
you very much. RIP Jan 2008