EIEIO - Ellie Lash

You were invited to your friend Timothy’s 3rd birthday party. The party was at Flamig Farm in Simsbury, CT. Before the birthday party you had the opportunity to ride a horse, which you politely declined. You also had the opportunity to feed the chickens & llamas which you also politely declined. But you did feed the sheep...sort of. You didn’t want the sheep to eat from your hand so you nicely tossed the food through the fence so they could eat your offerings from the ground. I don’t think they cared how they got fed to
be honest! You did like the chickens and turkeys wandering around, but weren’t interested in checking
out the pigs because the smell was quite overpowering
in that area of the farm. You kept saying “I smell sumpin’ (something)”. After our time spent with the animals we went to the party room to celebrate with
cupcakes and pizza. You surprisingly licked a bit of the
icing from your chicken cupcake, but didn’t go any further than that You certainly aren’t a big fan of cupcakes!