Kit: A Life So Sweet by Jady Day Studio and WM Squared
Acrylic alpha: XL Acrylic Alpha by Jady Day Studios
Font: Pea Smashtastic
Journaling reads:
Parenting is a tough job. Right now Lilah, Casey and Quentin are 5, 4 and 15 months old, and there are days when I literally just want to go hide in my closet and scream! Three kids can sure make a lot of noise....the screaming, whining and fighting can be overwhelming....but today was a good day. TOday was one of those days that make up for all the rough ones where everyone is cranky from sun-up to sun-down. Today we had fun. Stephen let me sleep in a bit and relax over coffee and my computer. Then we headed to the zoo in Portland. They had a Legomania exhibit that was really neat. It was full of motorized projects that were all made by elementary school kids. Some of the exhibits were hands on and the kids really enjoyed
playing with the machines. We toured around several of the animal exhibits and the kids were having a blast as they always do at the zoo. I had been carrying Quentin in the Baby Bjorn, but he was squirming around a lot so I put him in the wagon for a bit and he thought that was pretty awesome! He was kickin’ back, feet up, eatin’ snacks and lovin’ his sweet ride! We took them all inside Lorikeet Landing and let them feed the birds
from the nectar cups. The birds weren’t very hungry today, but they got a few of them to come and drink from the cups. We left after a couple hours and stopped for ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery as a treat. The kids love to pick their ice cream and then run around like sugared up crazies in circles in their lobby. Quentin isn’t a big fan of ice cream so far, I think the cold confuses him, he makes an irritated face every time you put a bite in his mouth! We drove home and Stephen made dinner while I let the kids play (and nap, in Quentin’s case) outside. They are both getting so good at riding their bikes and I have been letting
them ride to the end of the block and back where I can still see them. They both are very proud of
their new helmets. Lilah even ventured across the street to hang out with the neighbour kids for a change. We had a delicious dinner of steak tenderloin, asparagus and caesar salad and then we lazed around for a bit. After I got Quentin to sleep, we let Lilah and Casey stay up to watch Spiderman. We had been promising all day this special treat. We had been thinking all day that we owned the movie, we have so many. Well sure enough, we did....on VHS! Stephen had to run out to the video store to rent it but then we all enjoyed watching it together cuddled up on the couch. Yes indeed, I can say that......