Our last stop on the cruise as Ancona 

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Journaling: Our last stop on the cruise – Ancona. We had breakfast on board then disembarked with the Bekker family who joined us as we walked through the city, pausing to take photo of the quaint streets and browse market stalls. We then left them and visited several beautiful churches - Chiesa di Santa Maria Della Piazza where we waited ages for some guy who had parked in front of the church to move his car for a photo, finally gave up!,  Chiesa di San Domenico, where Ray was particularly pleased to see a sculpture of Saint Raimondo, and ended up, after a long upstairs climb!, at the beautiful  Ancona Cathedral - Duomo di San Ciriaco where ladies were preparing for a wedding.  

Back to the ship, to last dinner and farewell to lovely folk with whom we had now become friends. After a stroll on deck it was back to the cabin to pack as cases had to be left in the passageway for collection during the night. 

In the church of Santa Maria della Piazza part of the church's pavement is in glass to allow visibility to some of the remains of the two small Palaeo-Christian churches, dating to the 6th & 7th centuries