Hawaii Album 3

Journaling: Karen has a tattoo of a dandelion puff on the back of her leg with five dandelion seeds floating on the breeze. The dandelion seeds represents her and her siblings They are blowing in the breeze, seeking their own lives and their own adventures. Chris and David are experiencing the greatest adventure of all. They have forged a path to heaven for us to follow.

Buoys & Gulls Trio by Kristmess Designs (SKU~ KMESS_BysGls_Trio )
Vitamin Sea- Core Bundle by Connie Prince (SKU~ cap_vitaminseabundle ) (cluster elements)
#2017 May - Bundle Collection by Connie Prince (SKU~ cap_2017MayBundle ) (Dandelion Puff)
Album template from Anna Aspnes
Subtle Word Art from Anna Aspnes

Font: Gelombang, Fabulous Script (Title)