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I believe that my life will change enough that I will forget the details. I have firm evidence of this, as I have already forgotten lots of stuff. I scrapbook so I will not forget my favorite memories. I also scrap the bad stuff, because that's worth remembering too.

I scrap because I hope that someday future generations will be interested and amazed by my everyday life. My grandmother died a long time ago, but I used to love talking to her about her life. She remembered WWI and II and the Great Depression. I was told stories about borrowing shoes during WWII to go to town. Can you imagine not owning a pair of shoes? (Shoes were rationed, as was everything else.) How different life will be for the people who someday read my scrapbook?

I use scrapbooking as a creative outlet. I always assumed that I wasn't artistic because I am a scientist by training and profession. So I loved discovering that I could create beautiful things. I think that's one reason I prefer digital to traditional. My digital layouts are much better than anything I could do with paper. I'm sure it is because of grids and guides and the ability to tweak, undo, and tweak again.

I will admit that I also scrapbook for the affirmation. I love it when other people admire my layouts. I always check my galleries for comments. I love having my pages admired. I assume everyone else feels the same way so I try to leave praise liberally.

I scrapbook because I want to share my life with my family. I actually print my layouts, place them in albums and then show them to people. I also share layouts on Facebook and email them to interested relatives. I love sharing my memories with my family.