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Mental illness is nothing to hide… signs should be shared.. Stories should be told.. Lives would be saved.
With tears in your eyes you walked into my room in the middle of the night.  “Hold me” you said.  I held you in my arms and wiped away your tears. You were shivering and crying.  “Mom I am scared”. You said. I knew something was wrong, very wrong, by the look in your eyes.  “Mom hold me while I die…” you finally choked out. You scared the sh*t out of me. What? What? You had swallowed a bunch of pills. You wanted to die. My 14 year old baby wanted to die.  I wanted to hold you tight and honestly strangle you at the same time . I felt as if I had failed as a mother.
I rushed you to the ER and held you close as they pumped your stomach. Doctors asked a million questions and I could barely answer. I blanked out the world as they strolled you away to the psych unit. This hadn’t been the first time I committed you, you had battled anxiety and depression for a while. I thought we had this under control. No amount of motherly training or advice could have prepared me for this. I just sat there in shock, numb with my heart breaking for my child.
You screamed and yelled; called me every name in the book on the phone. Sometimes as a mother you may feel as if you failed, but the truth in the matter is there is truly nothing you can do but listen. Yes, I know there are many who believe my choice to hospitalize my 14 year old daughter for mental health issues is wrong, even you my dear Bianca, but I pray one day you will understand what I did was out of unconditional love. You are in the best place for you right now. No matter how hard it is on the both of us. You are getting the help you desperately need to live the life you deserve.