GBL | Brighter Days Ahead

Diamond shape I just searched over google and then traced the path on Photoshop.

Photo taken by Madre d Figeio | SHINee World V | 2017 | Kim Jonghyun

SHINee | Diamond Sky

Reach out your hand gently

Toward the sky

Put your finger on that star

In the diamond sky

I’ll give it to you, something which

Cannot be seen with the eye

A ring of love


The two of us

Gently, reached out our hands

And placed them on matching stars

In the diamond sky

I’ll give it to you, Something which

Cannot be erased

A ring of love


I entrust these feelings

To a shining star

And I want you to

Always be by my side

In the diamond sky


2018/03/18 Today, at this precisely time, three months ago I lost someone so special and precious to me. He battled with depression from time to time until it devoured his strength. It never felt like he was someone I couldn't reach, it always felt like I had a close best friend in the distance. Someone who I've rellied endless nights for almost 10 years. A precious someone that cannot be seen with the eyes anymore, just with the heart.

This song actually means more than just a pretty melody and touching lyrics, it is actually the way our fandom greets him while looking at the sky. The diamond symbolizes our fandom, The SHINee World.