Credits: Gingerscraps Fruit Basket - Pretty in Green

On April 14, 2010 I contacted my siblings and reminded them that we had a year to plan for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Planning was slow and we all struggled financially and with life changes, we weren’t sure it was going to happen.
But the good Lord stepped in and it all worked out. Almost everyone made it and we missed those that couldn’t make it.
Lynnda and Harley invited mom and dad to eat dinner at the Hard Rock Casino to celebrate Lynnda’s promotion. The look on mom’s face when Loren, Amy, Melissa and Chuck were sitting at the table when they arrived restaurant was priceless. We had a
wonderful quiet dinner with mom and
dad and just the 3 kids and spouses.
Then Loren, Melissa, Lynnda, spouses and Mom and Dad headed to Martin Lake where
the next two generations waited. What a great celebration of Love!

May 13, 2011