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Recipe {yep this is how I make it, I never measure anything LOL}:-
You will need:-
some margarine
some plain flour
some milk
some cheese
some cooked & drained pasta
{& if you have RSI like me, you’ll need someone to stir lol}

Melt your *some margine* but don’t allow it to boil, take off the heat and slowly add your *some flour* and stir with a whisk until you have something that looks like a big ball of dough. Still off the heat whisk in little increments of your milk until you reach a sauce type consistency. Put back over the heat to thicken the sauce, when lumpy remove off the heat and whisk, add *some milk* as and when required. Repeat adding and removing off the heat until you have the volume you wish then add and melt your *some cheese* into the sauce stirring continuously. When delighted stir pasta into sauce. Voila!