Nanny's Tuna Salad
1 Box of Medium Pasta Shells
1 Can of Sweet Peas
3 Cans of Tuna in Water
1 Jar of Miracle Whip
Salt and Pepper

Boil shells and drain. Mix with additional ingredients, chill overnight. Serve cold! you can also add celery or onions.

Even though this recipe is very simple, it has been very popular. I remember my grandmother making this for every family get together and my mom would do the same. I don’t cook, at all, so this dish is my catch all for whenever I have to bring a dish to pass! Everyone always asks for the recipe and I laugh because it isn’t difficult at all. But it is always a hit! Alli, my youngest daughter, loves it so much! She wanted it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner last time I made it! She even compared her love for my tuna salad to the love that she has for her daddy! She is only 4 but it sure felt nice that she liked something that I made so much!!

Kit Used: Fresh Baked - A GingerBread Lady Collab

For Scrapping Survivor Season 3, Challenge #2