All papers and elements from Fairytale Forest Scrap Kit by Twin Mom Scraps, available here:

Stars from Paprika "Black and Blue" kit, Part 2.

Template by sunflowersbaby - for the WandW Feb 2011 Template Challenge

Colin chose his costume online, and was very particular about how correct everything would be. When we suggested a Boba Fett blaster, he laughed, What will people think when they see Jango using Boba's blaster? So we shut up and let him decide. We sent it to John and he asked a friend to bring it in but she left the blasters behind because the airline wouldn't allow them. We searched high and low and finally found only ONE Build-Your-Own blaster with lights and sounds. We presented it to Colin on the way to meet Maxie in San Lorenzo Village and he was yelling happily Smile Maxie was an adorable Princess Leia and we even found Vader along the way! Met up after with Gina and Gaby and Paula and Enzzo.