Summer Cottage GS Buffet
Kathy Winters
Connie Prince

Dear Bella,
When did you get so big? And who told
you you could grow up? My baby girl, you are
truly a baby no more. You try to do everything
big brother does and get so mad when we
don’t let you yet.. You love being tickled and you
have the funniest, most infectious laugh I ever
heard. I love having a little girl around. You love
to dress up and are constantly taking your
clothes off and putting on anything lying around. You love hats and jewelry “pretties”. You love to dance and try to sing along., but you are in no away afraid of getting dirty. I love how you dive right in to whatever is going on (except the sprinkler, that took time to get used to) You love to climb and often won’t even shed a wimper when you get hurt. I love your little nose and your curly blond hair. I love how you beg to be tickled. My baby girl I love you always, even when you do things you know you should not, just to see what will happen. I love you my favorite Bella!