Kit is Keeping the Faith by Scrappin Serenity
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I remember seeing your face for the first time at the young age of 17. You walked into that shoe store with your mom not thinking you would be meeting your future wife. I helped you find a pair of boots, checked you out and watched you walk away. My coworkers wanted to run you down and tell you that I liked you but I was a little shy, a little. I don't think your dad will ever let me forget the rest of the story. Later that week I looked you up in the phone book, I remembered you were the third from your letterman jacket so finding you would be easy. I dialed the number one evening and asked for Larry. The person on the other end said it was him and so I told him all about seeing you at the shoe store and liking you and, and....I am sure I rambled on and on. The gentleman on the other end informed I had just spilled my feelings out to your Dad!!! You were out of town and wouldn't be back for a week. Your dad still kids me about that night saying I called at midnight. As we both know the embarrassment of spilling my guts to your dad did not stop me from calling back. Here we are almost 15 years later, married for 9 years, living in Texas with 2 handsome little boys.

I never expected I would leave the east coast and my family to follow you to Texas, but it was the best move we have made for ourselves and our family. We have leaned on each other in good times and in bad times. It has been a joy loving you over the past 15 years. I could not imagine my life any differently than it is now. I know things have been rough lately with the boys. Growing pains, discipline problems, teething, sick babies, drowned cell phone, but all of life's ups and downs just make me love you even more. I admire your strength and determination to keep this family strong.

Looking back over the last 9 years of our marriage, I see how far we have come. We started off in a tiny apartment, you in graduate school and me hunting for teaching job. God got us through that first year as well as the years that followed. We celebrated our first anniversary with a move to Texas. Your dedication and determination has gotten us so far. We are now debt free, living in a wonderful house with two awesome kiddos.

I love your sense of humor (well most of the time) and how you laugh at everything. You are teaching me to laugh at myself and I know I am not that good at it but I am learning. I love that you want to keep yourself fit by running. I know I complain because it keeps me from being able to sleep in but I do love that you take care of yourself for you and for us. It also makes you look pretty good as well. I love your desire to learn and grow in many different areas personally and spiritually. I love watching movies and TV shows with you and laughing or sitting in suspense for the next event to happen. I love to travel with you and try new places.

I look forward to many, many more years as your princess and the queen of our castle. I look forward to watching our boys grow into young men that will hopefully be just like you. I look forward to many more memories. I even look forward to the ups and downs because I think that through life's trials we grow closer to each other.

I love you and will always love you.