Journaling: Dear Cub Scouts,
How do I put into words what you have meant to me and my family over the past three years? The guidance you have given my son as he strives to become the best he can. The strength of character that is being developed in his young heart is truly something to behold. Unlike many youth programs that focus on only 1 or 2 aspects of a child’s development, you work to help the boys develop their whole person, from good health and fitness, to spiritual development, to the importance of helping others. This year he not only entered the 4th grade as a stronger person but he is also embarking on the final steps of his journey from a young cub scout to a boy scout. You have also brought us closer together as family. This is truly gift worthy of love and praise as you have not only helped our son but encouraged both my husband and me to not only help in the development and growth of our son over the years but to also help other boys undertaking the same journey.
Credits: Cabin in the Woods by Kristmess; Cabin in the Woods Shabby Papers by Kristmess; Fonts: AliciaPrinting
I took photos of some of the Cub Scout patches worn by my family as my photo of who I am writing the letter to. The photo is of my ds taken on Scout Sunday this past Februray holding the pack flag.