Kit: Akizo Designs / Kitschy Hearts
Paper: Unknown designer / Big Love
Template: Kimb's designs
Crease: Christine Smith / Custom Creases
Fonts: ld Remington portable, Ck ali’s hand

September 30, 2011
Pinakamamahal kong Hansel (My dearest Hansel),
The telephone and, you, of course, play a large part in keeping our long-distance relationship alive.
The moment your ship arrived in a port you’d take the time to call me. There were occasions when you called as many as three (3) times a day. And if your ship was staying in a port for a number of days you called me everyday. These frequent phone calls are not cheap. A large chunk of your salary goes to phone calls. By your estimate, two months’ worth. But it doesn‘t matter for you say you love me more.
Admirable too is the effort you made just so you could call me. If there was no taxi you walked for a kilometer in order to reach a phone booth. And instead of turning in immediately after a hard day’s work you opted to call me first.
I appreciate all the sacrifices you make to keep our love alive even from across numerous seas. You do not know how fortunate I feel for having a thoughtful, caring, loving husband like you and I thank the good Lord for giving you to me.
Nagmamahal (Love),
I love you very much! Ginahigugma gid kita! Mahal na mahal kita! (Last two phrases both mean I love you very much -- in the Kinaray-a dialect and in the Filipino language)