for week three!
journaling says: Dear Earl.
I’ve loved you forever it seems! We were just kids
when we met, all those years ago, and for me at least,
it was love at first site.
We’ve had a great life together thanks to our Lord
and Savior! He has taken care of us through the
years and guided our steps even before we realized
I love how we've aged together. First it was just the
two of us, then along came Chuck, and we became
parents together. A couple of years later, Debbie
came to share our lives! Then the Lord graciously
added Becky and finally Amy to our family. We've
had a lot of fun over the years learning the different
aspects of parenthood. Through it all, you've held
my hand. You've reminded me where our strength
comes from. You've always remained strong through
the hard times, and held me up when things got
I love you for being the fun grandpa you are now--
in this season of our lives. You love to play with the
children, and become one of them. You make them
laugh and have lots of fun. I love how they call you
"Grandpa Choo Choo” or "Goosey Grandpa" (Goofy
I love that you love our Lord! I love that you serve
Him with all your heart and soul. I love that as the
head of the family, you taught your children about
our Savior. You taught them to always love the Lord
and to serve Him in any way they can.
When I heard the saying “Grow old with me, the best
is yet to be.” I had no idea that was going to be true.
I look forward to spending the rest of my life in your
Love you,

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