A letter to my beloved . . .


Supplies Used:

Kevin and Amanda, Fall 2009,
Nikki Beaudreau, Mulberry Lane
Susan Godfrey, True Love & Gingerbread Lane & Lucky to Have You
Carrie Stephens, Spontaneous Delight
Heather Roselli, Ledgers and Lines


dear jamie

... love letters are so corny, and i’m SO not corny, well, not in the mushy, lovey-dovey sort of way, but i’ve been challenged to write you a love letter, and i thought to myself, “self, this will be a good challenge to participate in, because if anyone deserves a love letter expressing how truly in love someone is with them, it’s jamie,” you are truly my beloved, and i am so fortunate you decided to answer the phone that day, you have become my best friend, and i sincerely appreciate and am amazed by all you do for me and the kids and our extended family, the wonderful example you set for our children literally brings tears to my eyes, but more than that even, i love you for how you make me feel--except maybe when you make fun of my hair in the mornings--your presence has brought me calmness and your belief in me has strengthened my confidence, i am a better person because of you, i am a better mom because of you, i am a better cook because of you, you make me feel special and i want you to know i think you are special, i am in awe of your brain, it’s so big and magnificent--when it’s not coming up with goofy jokes of course--i admire your talent and love that you nurture art and music and learning in our home, for all those reasons, jamie, i love you with all my being, and i just thought you ought to know ...

love, lesle