Kit Used: Life Changing Bundle by Captivated Visions
My Top Five Label and Journal Paper from My Bucket List by Captivated Visions
Photo Mask from Photo Masks Squared by Tracy Stroud

My Top Five:
1 - Best Friends
2 - Bus rides home from away games
3 - Senior Skip Day
4 - First Kiss
5 - Dances

Most people wouldn’t believe how small my highschool was. I was valedictorian of a class of 18! Yep, 18!! I was involved with everyithing.. Cheerleading, basketball, track, student forum, yearbook, school newspaper, EVERYTHING! It was a blast. While most people wouldn’t want to relive their highschool days, I wouldn’t mind going back. I would change a gew things for sure, but for the most part, I enjoyed highschool.