Kit Used: Gingerscraps Basics - Purple, A Gingerbread Lady Collab

For Scrapping Survivor 3, Week 5

Today, I am... Overly Ambitious
I have a lot on my plate today. Starting with getting Tori & Alli up and having breakfast with them. Gotta have my Fruit Loops!! Then, it will be laundry time. Ugh. I HATE laundry. It never ends and I tend to put it off for too long. I end up re-washing loads. One of these days I will get better. The next big project is setting up the playroom and the office. My craft room is going to be converted into the girls’ playroom and we are moving the office upstairs so I will actually use it! I need to get my business going if I’m going to be able to stay at home with the girls much longer. The only way I will be able to make a dent in the playrom/office is if it is nice out and the girls can go play outside today. We will see where the day leads. But at least I have an agenda, and for me, that is half the battle! Oh yeah, I want to fit scrapping in here somewhere too!