A page in Rina’s book for graduation. Can you believe a ten year old that didn’t want ice cream for a main course??

Credits: Celebration by Twin Mom Scraps, Cat and Dog elements by Connie Prince

When you turned 10 years old, double digits, never to be a single digit again, it was a pretty big deal. Well, it had been a big deal to ancient Nana when I turned 10, so I planned a big day to celebrate when you turned 10.

Heather joined us in Birmingham, Michigan, where they were doing Dogtown, fiberglass sculptures like the ones we enjoyed at The Big Pig Gig, but instead of pigs, it was dogs! It’s like they planned it just for you and Tori turning 10. The plan was lunch first, then dogs!

I was excited, Heather too, because I’d offered you guys an opportunity you probably wouldn’t have again until college; we were going to have dessert for lunch! Heather told me that Max and Erma’s had a sundae bar, awesome for a dessert-lunch! We’d prepared in the morning, with a good breakfast with eggs and fresh fruit and bulked up on healthy stuff to prepare for our very special lunch. We’d been talking about it for a couple weeks. You both asked, “Are you serious, Nana? Ice cream for lunch?” I assured you I was absolutely serious, ice cream or any desert you wants for lunch. Imagine my surprise when, at the restaurant, you asked if it would be okay if you had a salad or soup before sundaes!

We had a light lunch off the appetizer menu, then we did have our sundaes!