Project 2012 February Mega by Connie Prince

Sunday- Mommy and Daddy were off. Cleaned my kitchen to sparkly clean with my new Fly Lady tools (love them). Even the kids got in on the action and cleaned their room great. David got a haircut and mommy did a quick grocery run-just staples, and Wendy’s for lunch.
Monday- Mommy worked and Daddy worked late, so a Mama afternoon. Abby celebrated 100 days in school (and not a single snow day yet!) Made some yummy brownies and scrapped.
Tuesday- Mommy and Daddy both worked so a whole Mama day. Not much done in the evening. Some homework and usual stuff Also a really warm day, it hit 63 in the middle of WINTER!
Wednesday- An odd day-Mommy and Daddy were off today. Mommy took Abby and Kendra to Children’s outpatient in Crestview to get Abby’s final (we hope) bloodwork done. As a special treat took them to Cold Stone for yummy ice cream. For the evening we met Aunt Lisa and everyone at Wendy’s and then went back to their house for a visit.
Thursday- Mommy and Daddy worked so another whole day with Mama. Today was also Groundhog Day, and he saw his shadow. Some cleaning, playing, and usual evening stuff
Friday- Mommy worked and Daddy was off. A whole bunch of playing and usual Friday fun at home.
Saturday- Mommy’s weekend off, but Daddy worked late. So we went for our usual visit with Grandma and Grandpa. Grandpa worked till 3 so we went over in the late afternoon and had supper with them. The kids love to visit Grandma and Grandpa!!