On Sunday this week, Rachel was feeling better. She found these new fun puzzles and has been printing and solving them like crazy! On Monday we decided to try Baskin Robbins to see if it does evil things to the blood glucose, Rachel’s numbers were perfect that night!! Another uniform day for Rachel. She tries to wear her skirt omce a week. I think she looks super cute in her "Centennial Plaid". Welcome to February!! Wednesday and Thursday I spent time working on a couple Pinterest projects. I love the look of my wreath and my meal calendar is working out well! Today was roundhogs day and since he saw his shadow we will have 6 more weeks of winter! That’s ok, because we have had very little winter so far! On Friday, Stephanie and Michael Pool came to visit! We went to dinner and hung out in the hot tub at the hotel. Saturday we ran some errands, ate and went to the movies to watch Extremely Close and Incrediably Loud. It was a good movie. Rachel found a friend in the lobby of the theater!! Stephanie and Michael headed home after dinner. What a great time with friends!

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