Project 2012 February Mega Stash by Connie Prince
Sunday-After David got home we all went to Big Boy for supper (the worst Big Boy experience ever!) then off to the grocery.
Monday-A Mama day (both worked). After supper and homework we made some yummy Valentines cupcakes.
Tuesday-Another Mama day. Abby had her Valentines party at school. Made a yummy heart pizza and then gave the kids some dart guns as a fun treat.
Wednesday-Mommy was off and Daddy worked midshift. Just a boring day with homework and the usual cleaning stuff.
Thursday-A short mama day cause Daddy worked midshift again. Kendra was in a silly mood and kept making funny faces.
Friday-Another long Mama day and Aunt Lisa decided to visit during the day. After work decided we would go to Pasquale’s (YUM!). Mama, Papa, Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Carol were there when we showed up with Aunt Lisa and Uncle Rob. After dinner we all went back to Carol and Ronnie’s house and had dessert and fun with their dog.
Saturday-Mommy and Daddy were both off today. Just some ordinary cleaning, playing, and fun. In the evening Mommy and Abby went to Michaels for a craft project and then to Chick-Fil-A. Mommy got a call that she had won a gift basket from family night last Tuesday. Mommy won all kinds of coupons, yay more sandwichs!