Project 2012 February Mega Stash by Connie Prince
Sunday-Mommy and Daddy were both off work. Some cleaning, some scrapping, lots of playing. For supper we decided to go to Big Boy only in Independence this time and then went to the grocery. A simple, relaxing day.
Monday-A whole Mama day. President’s Day so Abby was off school which was a good thing since she was sick. Not too much to do with a sick kid in the house.
Tuesday-Mommy was off and Daddy worked late today. Since it was Mardi Gras, after Abby got home from school we decorated some masks. The girls had a lot of fun glueing gems and feathers on their masks.
Wednesday-Mommy worked and Daddy was off today. After Mommy got home it was supper, homework, and general cleanup. Not too much going on. We wish spring would show up so we could play outside.
Thursday-Mommy’s first day of her mini vacation, Yay! Daddy worked the midshift. A super big day for Uncle Roro and Aunt Mimi. Their adoption of the boys was finalized today, they are officially part of the family!
Friday-Daddy worked late today. A really big day for Kendra. She had testing for preschool! She failed the speech assessment (mommy figured) and a speech therapist will come work with her for a few weeks. Since Kendra was such a big, brave girl we went to McDonald’s and got chicken nuggets and hot fudge sundaes.
Saturday-Daddy worked late again. We spent the morning cleaning the house, then drove out to Grandma’s house. The girls tried on the snowsuits Grandma found on clearence. We had supper there then drove home later. Gotta love it when they pass out on the way home and go straight to bed with no fuss!