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My pas (pacifier) has got to be my most favorite thing right now! I do have a few other things that I love very much too. I really love Mi Mou (Mickey Mouse) and I also love (even though I’m not supposed to touch) the remote, mommy’s or daddy’s computers, the mouse, the phone (really any electronic will work, I love them all!) I don’t think I could sleep without my Ba Ba (this little sheep that plays sounds). I also really love to play with cars, I am a boy after all and just about any car will do, but I really do love my car hauler and driving the cars up onto it. I also just cannot live without my benks (blankets), I have 3 that all come to bed with me and if I get the chance I sneak them through the slats of my bed and carry them all over the house. These are just a few of my favorite things, I just have so much stuff and my sisters wonderful stuff that I am occupied for hours just exploring and playing where I’m supposed to and also where I’m not.