Project 2012 Februrary Templates (rotated)by Connie Prince

Project 2012 February and March Mega Packs (pieces from each kit in there) by Connie Prince
Sunday-Mommy was off and Daddy worked early. Mommy did some cleaning and Daddy brought home Subway. Abby and Kendra are both sick so not much done today.
Monday-Mommy and Daddy were both off today, but other than some cleaning, not much was done.
Tuesday-Mommy and Daddy both worked today, so it was a full Mama day. Silly Kendra got tired early and put herself to bed!
Wednesday-Daddy worked and mommy was off today, Leap Day! Another same old day of the same old things.
Thursday-Daddy was off today and mommy worked. After mommy got home she made a quick pizza then went to a friends house to do a Wildtree Freezer Bag workshop. Had a lot of fun and now have some dinners all frozen and ready to go.
Friday- On friday, mommy was on her way to work and daddy sent a message that Abby was throwing up, so no school for Abby. Mommy left work at noon so that Mama didn’t have to come near sick Abby. That evening an evil storm blew through and a tornado hit 8 MILES from our house. So sad for those people who lost homes and family.
Saturday-got some things together to danoate. TV and Scrapping time.