For the March 2012 scrap your read.

Using Wyld Web Designs' Perfect kit (and a flower from Connie Prince's Shabby Sweet Kit).

(The papers on the side and the back cursive writing overlay are actual court documents/hospital evaluations.)

Here's the text in case you can't see it:

the biggest challenge I have ever had to face came about in february of 2007. after years of battling depression, i was dealt a final blow in the form of my closest ‘friends’ betraying me & tearing me down. i could not cope & was prepared to end my own life. luckily, a school admin stepped in & after a protective court custody hearing, i was sent to the state mental health facility, where i remained for two weeks. once the staff felt i was ready to return home, i was released to the custody of my mother. it was a weird experience being an adult, yet in custody. i still remember the first time i left the hospital. it was like a different world entirely: the sky was brighter, the sun seemed bigger and the trees looked greener. it was like the world i left and the world i came back to were two completely different places. i had to medicallywithdraw from college and spend time at home recovering and trying to learn how to cope back in the “real world.” it was so difficult watching my mother worry about me every time i didn’t answer my phone or forgot to respond to a message. to this day, i still regret causing her so much pain, but i know if i didn’t get help then, i would have ended up taking my life as i suffered with severe depression & borderline personality disorder & it affected every day of my life. i am still struggling with these challenges, but i know now that nothing is hopeless and every day is a new chance.